The heart of the story

Building dreams

Our heart beats for more than just building venues, it’s about building dreams. We are creating space for you to dream, inspire, and celebrate life’s greatest moments. With our unique Open Vendor Policy and flexible room layouts, you can truly make our space your own.

It’s our passion to partner and serve local businesses. We know you pour your heart into your company, so we have created the perfect rentable space for you to connect, build, and inspire your team. From state-of-the-art technology to fun, creative environments where you can relax and enjoy your team, we offer a place where you can inspire.

When it comes to your wedding day, the sky is the limit. We know you’ve dreamed of this moment, so let us bring  your dreams to life in one of our unique & elegant venues. Click the link below to visit The Falls Wedding website.

Steve Down

The Falls Event Center is owned by Steve Down. Founded on the idea of providing a place for people to connect, celebrate, and relax, the centers offer benefits that other venues simply don’t. The setup of each room allows users to customize their experience and use the space to perfectly match the occasion. Local businesses often use the space for company events, and other groups come for birthday parties, anniversaries, and other celebrations.

Regardless of who uses the centers, Steve Down is pleased to facilitate healthy and essential human interaction and camaraderie by offering a flexible venue to serve various needs. With locations in Utah, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, and California, The Falls Event Center is a continually expanding operation.

Steve Down is driven by a higher vision. In every business venture he undertakes and company he founds, he strives to do more than simply make money. He aims to be a force for good in the world. Capitalism with a cause is his mission, and it means that he is constantly focused on giving back. This focus has earned Steve Down wild success, but it didn’t come overnight. In fact, at one point, he was in dire straits financially, with over one million dollars of debt. Having overcome his financial difficulties to found several flourishing companies, Steve focuses on helping others live better and achieve their goals and he does so by giving back in so many different ways.

In addition to The Falls Event Center, the Steve Down Companies include Even Stevens Sandwiches, Financially Fit, Storm Maker Media, Blue Hat Ventures, Wings & Waves Waterpark, and Steve’s Hotel. Each company brings Steve Down fulfillment as he is able to contribute to making the world a little brighter.

Lots of the Steve Down businesses are founded on the 1:1 giving model —buy one, give one. When you purchase a sandwich from Even Stevens, for example, Steve Down set things up so that a donation equal to the value of your sandwich is given to a local nonprofit organization that feeds the hungry. Steve’s Hotel in Oregon, a new operation, will provide one night in the community’s homeless shelter for each room reservation made.

For more information on Steve Down please visit the link below.

“I did my wedding reception in the south building and it exceeded my expectations! They were so helpful, flexible, and willing to work with us. It was a beautiful and up-to- date venue. I would recommend this venue to anyone! If you want a beautiful and customized reception, book with The Falls. You will not be disappointed!”

Lexi Berretto

Sal Lake City, UT

“This venue is beautiful and they allow us to do things our way. We were free to choose the food, decor, & entertainment. It’s very affordable and the staff is great!”

Jessica Juarez

Fresno, CA

“I have hosted several events at The Falls. The staff is easy to work with and all events have gone off without any issues at all. Great place to host your event, from a small board meeting to a large wedding.”

Heidi Zebro

Solutions Real Estate, Gilbert, AZ

The Falls offered an unexpected location for a two-day business meeting. The room called the, "Game Room" provided a casual environment with a sink and counter for serving food throughout the day. The staff were pleasant and helpful and will to work with us when the event took on more participants than originally anticipated.

Nannette Johnson

Salt Lake City, UT

I've worked at this location with both of my businesses numerous times and have always had a great experience. Their staff returns my calls promptly, adjusts to any additional needs and always offers to lend me or my staff an extra hand. Not only does this location have numerous options, but they also give you some constructive and beneficial referrals, guidelines and ideas to help make your event all it can be.

David V.

Elk Grove, CA

First time here for an event and I was very impressed. The facility is designed to meet every need of the event. Great A/V situation and break out spaces. The outdoor patio is perfect. Spectacular view of the mountains and it feels so nice to look out t the front range. Nice. Clean. Organized. Not too far from the end of the light rail line either. I caught an Uber from the station to the center in 5 minutes.

Patrick S.

Littleton, CO

The Falls Event Center was an amazing space. We held our annual fundraiser at this facility and could not believe the help throughout the event and any minor changes we needed they were very happy to accommodate. All of our guests left in awe and told us that this was the best space in the eight years we have held the event. We are extremely grateful and recommend this venue to everyone!

Needs Beyond Medicine

Salt Lake City, UT

We recently held our State of the Region event at The Falls Event Center. It was a pleasure working with the staff. They were very accommodating and worked to provide us with everything that we needed. The venue itself is beautiful. We had 300 people attend and it seated everyone in rounds comfortably.

Lauren Anglesey

Salt Lake City, UT

We planned a wedding in less than a week and the staff at the falls were amazing. In the beginning they thought we were joking about wanting to have the place for less than an hour. When we finally convinced them of our plans they helped us pull it off. Thank you The Falls for being a perfect place to have our Vegas wedding and for your professional and friendly help.

Esther Tracy

St. George