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The Heart of the Story

Building Dreams

Our heart beats for more than just building venues, it’s about building dreams. We are creating space for you to dream, inspire, and celebrate life’s greatest moments. With our unique Open Vendor Policy and flexible room layouts, you can truly make our space your own.

Serving Local Businesses
It’s our passion to partner and serve local businesses. We know you pour your heart into your company, so we have created the perfect rentable space for you to connect, build, and inspire your team. From state-of-the-art technology to fun, creative environments where you can relax and enjoy your team, we offer a place where you can inspire.

The Wedding Perspective
When it comes to your wedding day, the sky is the limit. We know you’ve dreamed of this moment, so let us bring your dreams to life in one of our unique & elegant venues. Click the link below to visit The Falls Wedding website.

The Falls Weddings

Steve Down

The overwhelming desire and heart of our Founder & CEO, Steve Down, is to build new, unique, state-of-the-art venues where the dreams of your perfect wedding day, corporate team building weekend, or daughter’s beautiful quinceanera can all come true.

But the dream does not stop there – Steve is a true believer in building jobs, and opportunities for American families across the country. He is the founder, and president of Financially Fit, LLC helping families & individuals create wealth from any starting point. He is the author of Financially Fit for Life, which has been the financial education program of choice for thousands across North America. He has been heard by millions on national talk radio from coast to coast, and has been a keynote speaker to hundreds of audiences internationally.

Another opportunity, Steve realized, was to use his skills as an entrepreneur to turn the food service industry into a force for social good…and he ran with it! He empowered a team of foodies, non-profits became partners, and what was just a big idea became a sandwich shop with a cause, a place for real, sustainable change And the rapidly growing brand Even Stevens was born! And Steve is just getting started!

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